Don’t be a WORM

“One who makes himself a worm cannot complain afterwards if people step on him.”

― Immanuel Kant

This quote does not drive me philosophically to the personality of a human in relation to his or her perfection in terms of body, mind or spirit. Moreover it relates me to a situation where we all are becoming worms and our next generations will be reproduced as worms due to unplanned urbanization, unsustainable consumption of resources, havoc of pollution sources, exponential growth in population, deforestation and many other environmental concerns.

Don’t limit worms to small segmented or unsegmented creatures with no limbs and less developed nervous system. Modern man or furthermore evolved ultramodern man behaving as limbless minion crawling with a large cranium box is a noxious worm for an environment and is under the power of its own formation. Fulfilling the second half of the quote…………….. ‘People will step on him’.

Our own achievements of commanding environment are profusely taking a charge in the form of urban island heat, flash floods, vulnerability of species extinction, climate change, soil degradation and innumerably more. Apparently these charges are like people stepping on worms and eventually these worms created are aggressively ruined by their own creation.

Now a question which attacks us is!! WHO IS RESPONSIBLE and WHOM TO COMPLAIN??

Onus goes to all and none to complain……Look at the irony we established for ourselves in becoming worms and being damaged as-

“Worms driven by fossil fuel combustion,

Worms dependent on mechanization,

Oh! Worms at loss.

Worms eating inorganic fertilizers,

Worms killing trees,

Oh! Worms at loss.

Worms causing ocean acidification,

Worms growing population,

Oh! Worms at loss.

Though limbless worms dig for aeration but we as worms are becoming dangerous;

At last WE worms are at LOSS.


Uncertainty of climate change

There is a degree of uncertainty in the extent and effect of climate change.Some of us believe that knowledge of climate change is either provisional or incomplete.Likewise if we relate this same concept of uncertainty to some other beliefs which we carry with ourselves and follow them strongly.We have few or no evidences of many uncertain beliefs which are reflected as an inbuilt behavior and  even no reason to question them because we are grown up with them.Are we not biased in our approach towards some beliefs which are  based on incomplete knowledge or information and we still follow them ? Likewise if looking into a biggest concern of modern world “Climate Change”being with uncertainties we should change our perception and build more adequate precautionary measures to control its damage.So why not work with tried and tested belief that if human beings get accustomed to the change in lifestyle with little hard work sustenance is achievable .And make a right choice of our strength to calm down damage caused by climate change.


Firstly lets end with the fight of existence of climate change and then stop claiming climate change as ” Tragedy of Commons” and shifting our own responsibility on each other.We all should develop trust on  climatologist, who keep proposing climate models with feedback mechanisms.Moreover these models are also based on beliefs which gives us two directions  either believe in shifting to new equilibrium or returning back to original state.Freedom to opt any direction is an opportunity to have a flexi – belief ,but even believing one, needs change in our perception to withdraw its consequences.

Sustainability to sustain

We started our journey as hunters and gatherers,became agriculturalist which helped us in sufficient accumulation and assimilation of resources.With the utilization of resources we enriched ourselves culturally, ethically, morally and history reflects of we being traders even.Eventually we believed ourselves to be with evolved cranial capacity, i.e. brain box !!!

Why should we not ??? We  are cosmopolitan artist who know how to  invade a region as humongous as moon or as minute as microbe, which are not even visible to us .As an artist we know the art of playing with DNA technically and discovering science to work for us. Techno centrism is in our attitude or can say our social circle without which present human race is incomplete. But to what extent we are in dextrorotation which should suit to our sustenance.I was concerned by one Television Ad to think on sustainability where a boy sharing  his future business prospects of cycle repair shop with dad  in a sarcastic manner as dad was at signal with fuel burning car. One more incident which  ignited me  was while teaching my class about ecological footprint,a 17 year old boy shared his style of shower which was a reflection of ….who cares?

This who care attitude or rather we do not want to take any environmental issue responsibility is a big concern for us and our next generations.Now technically and economically our spectrum has widened with smartphones and other electronic gadgets with progression.Which surely taking toll of our resources ,so now is the time to that sinking feeling for sustainability.THINK and TAKE ACTION.

Clever self grooming

A common thought we all have for our life is that it should be carefree ,problem free ,challenge free ,stress free and of course many more free which actually never happens. All of us our trapped in the network of issues related to life in spite of the consideration whether i am a king or a beggar. Now a question which should actually erupt is how to break a trap cleverly.May be leaving a dense network of issues with high viscosity of a fluid or like an elasticity of a rubber band or may be the rigidity of a solid.What i believe if we say bye -bye to the issues like a flowing liquid will actually be a clever approach towards life.

Life is a bed of roses

In my school days we were suppose to write a quote before starting any written assignment, one of my most favourite quotation was ” Life is not a bed of Roses ” easy to remember and short in length to write .But now if sometimes this quote struck my mind it shakes me with its scary words . Yes, actually these words will change my life if they stay for a longer time in my brain cells because I believe if my cells are fed with a food which  have a platter of NOT ,NO ,NEVER will eventually reflect the same.Yogic belief is that  your personality  is the reflection of your platter.

Successful Planners

Everyday I  plan and set my goals but over the time my goals and planning go useless.Why is this so?? Am I not planning from the depth of my heart in a coordination with my brain ,yes my planning is superficial only for the sake of thinking some matter I do planning and it fly with the tick tick of my watch.Planning should be with a gross intellect like a reflection of grey matter of the brain involved and should be with determined creation like a reflection of white matter of the brain involved.Of course when we involve complete brain in planning it comes as something in depth which doesn’t allow us to bear the tick tick of the watch without the outcome.

Whom to welcome ….??

Knock knock ………….somebody at the door…who’s it ?? hello my name is depression can i sit and think.Again knock knock……who’s it?? I am anxiety can  i sit and pull my hair.Please check somebody at door who are you ?My name is anger can i come inside and bang my head to the wall at the front.Somebody else knocking the door ….who are you ???I am nobody can i sit and feel free.Nobody sat and the vibes of the room spontaneously changed to something vibrant .I asked nobody you changed the aroma of my place , earlier the vibes of my room were so dense that gave me suffocation but since the time you entered i am feeling relaxed… why is this so ??nobody said I don’t burden my heart ,so the blood reaching my brain do not carry the viscosity of anger ,depression and anxiety.

My day !!!!

Oh seems to be exciting ! Oh no its boring…..Whateverrrrr everyone of us have the feeling of excitement or boredom but have we ever thought that the excitement and dullness is something psychological which is coming from the womb of our brain.Yes ! our brain packed in a cranium box very much protected inside ,as a most precious ornament is actually a culprit which gives us a feel of different temperament.Surely there is remedy for it ,if we start controlling our thoughts bubbling inside our grey matter (intelligence part ) mixed with somewhat white matter filled with emotions we can generate an outcome as a cure for the changes in our emotions.